“I appreciate the simple, the sober and pure, black and white, graphic.”

Somewhere along the back roads of southern Helsingland, via art school in Gävle and Stockholm’s University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Malin Eliasson got inspiration from nature, clay and simple beauty for her unique designs in porcelain. She brings together in her subtle language of form black and white, form and function, playfulness and substance, contrasts which harmonise and build a stylistically pure and modern product line.


“With the pure and simple, one can do as one pleases.”

A desire to unify porcelain, design, image- and brand profiling, production and resulted in the company Månses Design in 2007.

Malin Eliasson’s distinctively individual expression, black, simple. Graphic patterns in contrast with the dramatically white bone porcelain have taken the company out into the entire world. Japan, Germany, France, Denmark and Norway are just a few countries where Malin’s porcelain has attracted attention. Beauty in design, the meeting of simplicity and the pure lines of modern tendency, the joining of form and function for daily as well as festive occasions—all this forms the basis of Månses Design’s products. The company’s vision includes the idea that more product lines can grow forth from this simple yet expressive, sober Scandinavian design.

All the products are produced in India, Thailand and China.

Malin Eliasson Sahlin